Hey Everyone: Thanks for visiting this site. My goal with this site is to create a community of a few like minded men and some bad ass women (like me) who are into getting hard (muscles) and sweating!

My mom is Asian (Korean actually) and my daddy is Canadian. We moved around a lot growing up, but my heart will always be in the north-east (no matter where I am). Due to previous, less than good experiences, I do not share many details of my private life.  Now and then I will let a few things out, depending on the mood.

Me: Being half Korean my younger life was full of lessons, lessons, lessons….. ughhh. ,,,  piano, violin, dance, gymnastics, Korean language classes, French classes, art lessons, swimming, after school tutoring, ,, you name it (well that is about it, a full schedule I had).  It was tiring at times, and as I grew older I phased a lot of them out, but the fundamental reasoning for it all stuck.  Form! In all the lessons I was taking I learned to appreciate the value of form and it was present everywhere, and in all I did whether it be how to hold the bow of my violin, holding a hand stand or extending a plie in ballet I had to use good form (my mom also insisted I demonstrate proper form while practicing at home before I could finish for the night (it would drive her nuts if (when,, and I often did ) half assed it. So, (thanks mom) FORM rules my world now. The workouts I do, I do with good form, my food, my job, my life. I always try to use the best form I can do, and constantly work on improving it. Just as when I was a kid I recognized when I hit good form and the good feeling I got as a result, I now get a similar feeling of satisfaction when working out and hit good form. It just feels better. So, my sub-goal is to share what I feel may help you have good form in your workout, so you too can experience the rush it brings (then you’ll be hooked if you aren’t already).

My Exercise: I like cross-fit, yoga, running and I LOVE kettlebells. I am not a personal trainer, but I train and I like to share. I share my workouts on this site and on my Facebook page (which I update more often than this site to be honest).  I used to blog with my bf, but things happen and now I just blog. Happy to be back to it and on to a new chapter, and no that is not an invite to hit on me,, 🙂  However, if you have any questions, suggestions or tips to share, please hit us up on the Facebook page first, chances are best to find us there. I do love to chat and meet new people, like i said, my goal is to create a community of like minded fitness nuts!


PS – no, that’s not me in the pic.