I know lots of people out there love the Garmin, but I have been hooked on the Nike+ for about 5 years now, I love it.  I have well over 1800 miles / 3000 km logged on it. This short post is a discussion of why I like it.  Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

Personal trainer - running outsideUse with an ipod:  Although you can use with an arm-band, one of the reasons I love the Nike+ includes that I can listen to my e-books while running.  I have tons of e-books loaded on my ipod nano and 90% of the time prefer to listen to some sort of self-development related narrative.  Once in a while I listen to music, which is always sure to pump me up while racking up the miles (I will post my playlist sometime and hope to get some good feedback and recommendations for power songs from you too).  Also, the new nano is nice and small and easy to clip to your running belt.

Pump the power song:  This brings me to another point. I love the power song feature.  For those who aren’t familiar, the unit has a feature which allows you to press a button to take you to your pre-selected “power song”.  The power song is self explanatory and allows you to set up one of those songs that gets you pumped up to put that extra push on as a finisher, or bring you out of a lull when  you are feeling a bit worn.  ACDC’s “you shook me all night long” seems to work well here.  What are your power songs?

Community Participation on your own terms:  I also love that I can track stats, upload them to the Nike+ website and participate in the community online.  Last year I even ran a Nike+ race and there were 80,000 people worldwide who also ran the race.  I ran a race with 80,000 people on the same day all over the world and ran my own favorite route, without the crowds or pressure.  I came in about 8000th, not bad I would say…

Downsides:  The Nike+ is not perfect though. If i were to have a wishlist I would ask that Apple design a nano version especially for the Nike+.  This would include a weather proof design (I killed one nano running in the rain last year, it was more like a warm east coast hurricane, but still,,, killed a nano running in the rain).  I would also like to see wireless , weather proof earphones.  The ipod earphones don’t work well for running. You really need the over the ear ones because when they get sweaty they fall out and if sweat gets in to the ear piece (such as when running in a hurricane) it messes up with how it sits in your ear.

That’s all for now, I am going out for a run! (and it happens to be raining like mad out there now, love it..)  Please leave a comment with your favorite power song.